Workforce Development


Short Certificate - 2 Semesters--$4,600

This course provides instruction using NCCER Level 1 and Level 2 course materials. 

 - Gas metal arc welding mig/flux core
 - SMAW Fillet/OFC
 - SMAW Fillet/PAC/CAC
 - Industrial Blueprint Reading 

 Long Certificate – 4 Semesters--$8,000

This course provides instruction using NCCER Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 course materials. 

 - Gas Metal Arc Welding   Mig/Flux Core
 - SMAW Fillet/OFC
 - SMAW Fillet/PAC/CAC
 - Industrial Blueprint Reading
 - SMAW Groove Welds
 - GTAW Fillet Welds
 - GTAW Carbon Pipe
 - SMAW Carbon Pipe

Night Classes Offered Monday through Thursday 5 - 9 pm, Decatur Campus

Please note that you are not considered registered until payment is received.  All refund requests must be received in writing at least ten business days before first day of class.  Please send requests for refund to

For additional information on the program,  contact Zeb Ferguson at 256-306-2660 or