Workforce Development

Photovoltaic Technical Sales and Business Operations

This two day course has been developed to meet the needs of photovoltaic (PV) system sales professionals and small business owners. It covers the fundamentals required to understand PV system functions, designs and applications, as well as sales, organization and financial/economic best practices for a PV enterprise.

The goals of this course are to provide participants with a variety of concepts and best practices that focus on PV systems, mining for prospective customers, evaluating the needs of a potential PV system customer, the technicalities of site analysis and system selection, concepts, proposal formation and building a working relationship with the customer. The course offers technical training and practical information that will develop owner and employee skills and business practice tactics essential for operating a successful solar business entity.

Individuals who seek a future NABCEP certification in technical sales may apply this 16 hours of classroom instruction toward the educational requirements of that pursuit.

Class Dates:    TBD   


The International Ground Source Heat Pump Association will provide highly experienced trainers for this workshop


For more information, contact Brent Jacobs at 256-306-2664 or email