Workforce Development

Energy Star for Homes v3 Training

The ENERGY STAR for Homes v3 training will cover a range of topics that raters and field inspectors need to know to qualify homes under ENERGY STAR v3, including the ENERGY STAR Reference Design Home, Benchmark Home/Size Adjustment Factor, and the technical details for completing the required ENERGY STAR Inspection Checklists (Thermal Enclosure Rater Checklist, HVAC Quality Installation Contractor and Rater Checklists and Water Management System Builder Checklist). The two-day ENERGY STAR v3 training will count towards RESNET required Professional Development credit and will conclude with the required ENERGY STAR exam for Raters and Field Inspectors.

Dates:  Check our website for next class schedule 

  • ENERGY STAR v3 prescriptive and performance path program requirements for new homes
  • How to determine the ENERGY STAR HERS Index Target
  • Learn verification and inspection services for ENERGY STAR v3 projects



Southface from Atlanta, Georgia will provide two experienced and highly qualified Energy Star Raters/Instructors.

For more information, contact Brent Jacobs at 256-306-2664 or email