Workforce Development

EarthCraft Light Commercial Professional Training

EarthCraft Light Commercial is a regional green building certification program specifically designed for small commercial buildings up to 25,000 square feet in size. The training will cover EarthCraft Light Commercial project eligibility, available program resources, key program requirements, meeting and exceeding energy code compliance, and training on how to use the COMcheck software tool to demonstrate energy code compliance. Participants will be required to complete a COMcheck test file and a 25-question written exam to achieve designation as an EarthCraft Light Commercial Professional.

The program focuses on site planning, energy and water efficiency, building durability, and improved occupant health and productivity.
After successful completion of this course, participants will be able to perform home energy ratings using sophisticated modeling software, diagnostic testing and home specification information. Participants wishing to become RESNET Certified HERS Raters will have completed the national HERS Rater training and testing requirements and be eligible for becoming certified National HERS Raters with RESNET Providers.

Dates:  Next class schedule coming soon

Major Categories 

  • EarthCraft Light Commercial Program and Resources Overview
  • Energy Code Compliance
  • Project (Building) Eligibility and Requirements
  • COMcheck Software Training



Southface from Atlanta, Georgia will provide two experienced and highly qualified EarthCraft Light commercial instructors

For more information, contact Brent Jacobs at 256-306-2664 or email