Workforce Development

Learn to Harvest Power from the Sun:  Basic Solar PV Design and Installation Course

The Alabama Center for Excellence in Clean Energy Technology  at Calhoun Community College has developed a 40-hour course for those interested in learning the basics of Solar Photovoltaic Design and Installation.  This class targets the individual seeking entry level knowledge in the rapidly growing field of electricity generated from the sun. The course content covers principles and design of photovoltaic (PV) systems. Upon completion of the course, students should have demonstrated a basic understanding of PV markets and applications; safety basics; electrical and mechanical design; performance analysis; and maintenance and troubleshooting.  This course is designed to prepare the student to take the NABCEP PV entry level exam. Though highly recommended, taking the exam is not a mandatory requirement of the course.

Major Categories:

• PV Markets and Application
• Safety Basics
• Electricity Basics
• Solar Energy Fundamentals
• PV Module Fundamentals
• System Components
• PV System Sizing
• PV System Electrical Design
• PV System Mechanical Design
• Performance Analysis

Dates:  Check our website for next class schedule

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