Workforce Development

Global Corporate College (GCC)

Calhoun is a member of the Global Corporate College network.  This positions Calhoun to provide customized, targeted corporate training through the unique GCC network of leading colleges and universities.   Through this network, Calhoun works one-on-one with companies to design and deliver superior corporate training programs throughout each company’s footprint.  Capabilities are from entry-level to "C-Suite" executives, from local to international, and across the spectrum of industries.  Examples of opportunities include:

Entry Level Training—This curriculum offering is provided to entry level employees or can be used to augment a company’s existing training arm. GCC can assist with delivery of existing in-house training programs or tailor programs to meet client needs. Client employees will not only learn the concepts and skills, they will be able to perform on the job.   And, through the GCC network of colleges, employees can earn college credit toward a degree.

Leadership & Management Training—This training integrates learning principles and concepts with exercises and tools to help participants transfer the training from the classroom to their job performance.  Program content is based on business objectives to ensure that employees have the skills they need to drive the business forward.
  • Modular approach to content development; this means that participants learn exactly what they need to succeed
  • Customized exercises ensure training is relevant
  • Post-training follow up enhances skill development

Quality Management Systems—GCC helps companies define core processes and metrics, improve them on a continuing basis, and measure results.  Using unique tools and a project-based approach, participants will learn how to meet and exceed rigorous standards set by the organization, customers and regulatory agencies. GCC partners with a company to design and implement specific Quality Management systems that achieve the client’s objectives.
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma
  • ISO
  • Lean

Other Customized Training—GCC provides a network of trainers who can deliver customized training throughout a company’s footprint.

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