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S.P.A.C.E. Email

About the SPACE Home Version

The Home Version is intended for everyday use from your home computer or laptop.  This version of SPACE is more “user friendly” than the internet version.
Your SPACE account has the following features:
  • Directly link to Calhoun faculty, staff and students by typing in the person’s name or partial name.  You do not have to know their email address.  This also works for people that you have added to your address book.
  • Direct links to Blackboard through the “Student Links” icon.
  • Soon, you will be able to check out the “Featured Student in SPACE” every week.
  • Check “Student Announcements” for campus wide information and announcements.
  • Create a personal address book containing names, addresses, phone numbers and more.
  • Create a “resume” by posting your picture and contact information.
  • Create and maintain a personal calendar for assignments, test dates, appointments and more
  • Initiate and participate in Instant Message and Chat sessions with other students.
  • Create a private mail or distribution list to easily send an email to a group.
  • Track the “history” of campus email to know the date and time your email was read.
  • Sent a campus email that contained an error?  No problem.  You can retract unread campus email, make corrections and resend.
  • Request “receipt on read” and “receipt on delivery” for on and off campus email.  You will be notified immediately when the email is delivered and when it is read.
  • Send “Urgent Priority” email.
  • Personalize your desktop and customize your tool bars through “Preferences”.
  • “Urgent Bulletin” alerts are the first response for closings due to inclement weather and system outages
These are just some of the features that SPACE has to offer.  Explore your SPACE today.

Now you are ready to begin installing the software. . . . . If you have any problems or questions, you have three options for support.
  • Consult the SPACE Help Manual
  • Email the Help Desk
  • Call the Help Desk at 306-2700.  If it is after standard office hours, leave a message so that someone can return your call
Decide which version you want to download
Then follow the defaulted choices (highlighted)
When you come to SETUP, you will be required to supply the server name.  Type in

After you have finished installing the software, be sure to add the icon to your desktop. Great!  Now you have easy access to your SPACE account.  Just click directly on the icon.