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More user friendly version with extended features Follow defaulted choices In SETUP, you will be required to supply the server name.  Type in

When you are on campus, look for this icon on your computer's desktop to login using the preferred method!

Campus Email

All Calhoun students have e-mail accounts. All Calhoun lab computers have access to campus email.

User ID and Password:

Your User ID is your new Calhoun "C" number (Example: C00123456). The initial Password is cal and the last 5 digits of your "C" number (Example cal23456) . You will be prompted to change your password later. REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD. If you forget your password, the only way to retrieve or reset it, is to contact the Calhoun IT Help Desk (256-306-2700). New email address is first initial + last name + last 5 digits of your "C" number (Example

NOTE: Your password has to be at least 6 characters to be accepted.

Email Manual (formerly called SPACE):

Take advantage of the Email Manual. It will answer almost any question you will have about your Calhoun email. You get step-by-step instructions for setting up the Preferred (Home) Version and logging in for the first time. You will also find instructions on how to send attachments to your emails and posting your profile ([resume] i.e. photos, hobbies, birthday, links to other websites, notes, etc.) to share with other users.

What You can Access with your Calhoun Email:

Your Calhoun email is where you go to access your own Calhoun e-mail and Student Announcements. Also, find important announcements about inclement weather, job announcements, send e-mail to any Calhoun student, faculty or staff member without even knowing their e-mail address or send messages to friends not at Calhoun. Find out who's online and start chatting. There are icons to student clubs and organizations where you can see announcements about club activities and more. You will also have access to Blackboard.

If you have problems or questions, contact the Help Desk at 306-2700.  If you call after standard business hours, be sure to leave a message so someone can return your call.  Or, email questions to