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Tutorial Request Application

I understand that I am responsible for reporting to my tutoring sessions on time. If I am unable to attend, I will notify the assigned tutor or Tutor Coordinator to cancel my session at least 24 hours prior to my scheduled session. I understand that tutoring is a semester-long commitment requiring consistent attendance twice per week. Only by Tutor Coordinator approval, the number of weekly sessions can be adjusted. I understand that if I miss two tutoring sessions without notifying Student Affairs, I will forfeit the opportunity for the remainder of the semester.

Upon completion of this application, someone will contact you regarding tutorial assistance.


Primary Campus you attend:


Your time preference for receing tutoring:


Have you discussed your need for help with the course instructor(s)?


Have you visited the lab in the area in which you seek tutoring?


Are you a Student Support Services/Emerging Scholars student?


Are you a member of the ROADS program?


What do you consider to be the primary roadblocks keeping you from achieving academic success (check all that apply)?

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