Student Services

Retention Office of Academic Development (ROADS) Program

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The goals of the Early Warning System are two fold:
  1. To identify at-risk students early enough so that all appropriate intervention measures are taken to retain and assist the student in being successful in attaining his/her academic goals.
  2. To provide immediate intervention assistance in the areas of advising, counseling, referrals, and tutoring/study skills courses (orientation, reading, etc.).

Student success is our number one priority at Calhoun Community College. Every effort is made to provide students with programs and services that can assist them in obtaining and reaching their academic goals. One such program provided to assist students is the Retention Office of Academic Development (ROADS) Program. Housed in the Student Affairs Office located on the 2nd Floor of the Chasteen Student Center (Decatur Campus), ROADS sponsors a multi-faceted program designed to improve student success, retention, certification completion, and increase graduation rates.

A key component of the program is the Early Warning System, a referral system designed to facilitate on-going communication between the ROADS Office and college faculty in regards to students who may be experiencing difficulty in their academic program. The objective of the Early Warning System is to identify and successfully intervene with students who are experiencing problems that may prevent them from achieving success in their classes. Research shows that early intrusive intervention can make a major difference in a student’s academic experience and have a positive impact on their success while attending college.

Services are provided free of charge to students that may be experiencing personal or academic difficulties. Students are encouraged to take full advantage of the services offered by this office by making an appointment. The phone number is 306-2870, or you may choose to contact the advisor by sending an email to