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Scholarship Applications are accepted at the end of each semester. 
A deadline date will be posted.

The information below outlines how you may qualify for a scholarship from the Emerging Scholars Program.  Although you may eligible to receive a scholarship, you will not be awarded the funds until the end of the semester OR the beginning of the next semester and will not be considered for another scholarship until next fall.
  • Accepted as a participant
  • Must be receiving a Pell grant and have an unmet need of at least the minimum Pell grant award.  If your unmet need is less than the minimum Pell grant award, or if you do not have an unmet need, you will NOT be eligible to apply for a scholarship.  If you accept student loans to cover your entire unmet need, you will not be eligible for our scholarship.  Please take this into consideration when accepting student loans.
  • A full-time participant enrolled in 12 hours or more and completes 9-hours with an ending semester GPA of 2.5 will be eligible to receive up to $1500.00 if all other criteria is met.
  • A part-time participant enrolled in 6 to 11 hours and completes 6-hours with an ending semester GPA of 2.5 will be eligible to receive up to the minimum Pell grant award if all other criteria is met.
  • Mandatory semester GPA of 2.5 or above by end of fall semester…NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Must have completed all assessments.
  • Must have completed at least 3 study skill workshops by a designated date.
  • Have three contacts per semester with program director or advisor for academic advisement.
  • Attended 1 cultural/academic enrichment event
  • One 4-year college visit per year – Please note the academic year starts each Fall semester.
  • Completed Online Cash Course (Available via link on Financial Aid Website)
  • Accumulate a total of 10 hours of contact time with program staff.  These hours can be accumulated by attending workshops presented by program staff or by participating in cultural events.
  • Write a 250 word essay describing your career/academic goals and how the Emerging Scholars Program has helped you to achieve them.  If you need assistance, we will help you write it. This essay needs to be typed.
Please note:
You must complete an application packet and submit to the Emerging Scholars Program by the designated deadline to be eligible for consideration of the scholarship. (early submission of your packets will allow us to begin processing all other required documentation).  You must receive a pell grant for scholarship eligibility.  All awards are subject to unmet need, GPA, and earned hours.  The amount of the scholarship is subject to change, based on the number of applicants.  Funds will be granted to first-year participants first.  If you are a second year student, you may or may not be eligible to receive an award, but you are responsible for completing all other activities, events, maintaining your GPA and graduating and/or transferring, as per your contract with the Emerging Scholars Program.  These funds may be awarded in time to assist you with your spring enrollment fees.