Student Services


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I search for jobs?

You may search for job listings through your S.P.A.C.E. email account.  All local job listings will be sent to the job announcements folder by the Career Services Center. Once you have logged into your email account, click on Student Announcements, then Job Announcements.

Can you place me in a job?

We do not "place" students in jobs. If you are currently seeking a job, you may check out the job announcements folder located in your S.P.A.C.E. email account. Area employers may also post job opportunities by submitting the Online Job Posting Form.

Will you do my resume for me?

No, the Career Services Office does not have personnel available to prepare resumes. However, we do have resource material available in the Career Services Office to help you prepare a resume, compose a cover letter, or prepare for the interview. See our Resumes section. You may find additional information by clicking on the "Useful Websites" link.

Do you have a test I can take to help me decide what I want to do?

There is no "test" you can take, because a "test" means you must supply right answers to questions. However, we do have some useful tools to help you decide for yourself. FOCUS2 is a career assessment that allows you to answer questions about yourself and then pull that information together to give you a great "starting point."

FOCUS2 is free and can be accessed from any computer with Internet access. The access code is "warhawks". 

What can I do with this major, how much money can I make, and will I be able to find a job when I graduate?

You will find several resources on our website that will be helpful to you. Check out the following links: Majors and Websites where you will find such links as Career WEB, College Grad Job Hunter,, and many, many more!


How can an employer post job listings and get referrals from Calhoun's Career Center?

Area employers may post job opportunities by submitting the Online Job Posting Form. The posting is then forwarded to our students by email. Please make sure you have listed referral instructions on the posting so students may apply if interested. Many employers choose to attend Calhoun's Career Information Day to recruit potential employees. Contact us at for additional information.