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Student Success Symposium

At the start of each school year, the College offers the Back to School Student Success Symposium under the theme “On the Road to Student Success.” This program has as its primary purpose the goal of motivating students towards personal and academic excellence. The event is made up of a panel of three guest speakers to include one Calhoun alumnus in the community, one alumnus who works at Calhoun, and one currently enrolled Calhoun student. The program represents a tangible demonstration of the Colleges commitment to student success! It’s a celebration of both the privilege and the opportunity that students have during the academic school year to be and do their very best academically.

The program is also an opportunity to provide valuable information about resources available on campus to assist student in their quest for student success while attending Calhoun.

The 2017 symposium is:

August 29
11:00-Noon -Kelley gymnasium, Decatur Campus
5:30-630 PM -Student Center, Huntsville Campus

Program Highlights

  • Keynote Address 
  • Working Toward Graduation 
  • Promoting Leadership 
  • Personal Empowerment 

Resources Offered

  • Advising 
  • ADA Services 
  • Financial Aid 
  • Service Learning Developmental Studies 

Previous Symposiums: 

2016 -- (watch video below)

Janette R. Smith -- 2015 (watch video below)

Arthur L. Andrews -- 2014

Eric Thomas -- 2013-2014 (watch video below)

Sharon Whittaker Davis -- 2012-2013 (watch video below)

Yvonne Harvey Williams -- 2011-2012 (watch video below)

Carl Creasmen -- 2010-2011 (watch video below)

Dennis Watson -- 2009-2010 (watch video below)