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Starfish Program

Welcome to the Reef!

Academic performance is one of the best indicators of student success. Calhoun Community College is piloting an early alert program using Starfish Retention Solutions that can assist in your success.

Starfish works within BANNER and the courses you are taking to generate indicator notifications and kudos for students based on:

  • Academic performance
  • Attendance
  • Quiz and test scores
  • Referrals to resources on campus

Other features:

  • Communication to students, faculty and staff
  • Outreach and follow-up by staff
  • A student “Success Network”

How will Starfish help me?

Starfish provides a simple method to refer students for academic assistance early enough in the semester to make a difference. Starfish is not a substitute for direct discussion with students, but serves as a secondary layer of support to alert students as well as campus experts who will assist in addressing concerns.

Visit the official Starfish® YouTube channel at The first available tutorial for students is found in the playlist titled Starfish CONNECT and reviews how a student can sign up for an appointment with a tutor.

Important note about protecting the privacy of student records

Starfish users are responsible for knowing and adhering to the College’s policy and state and federal laws regarding protecting the privacy of student records.

Getting Started for Students

Faculty & Staff Resources:

Starfish Retention Solutions