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Student Government Association

2017-2018 SGA Officers:

President, Decatur Campus  -- Antoinette Brown
Vice-President, Decatur Campus -- Maranda Mitchell
Secretary, Decatur Campus -- Michelle Serrato
Decatur Campus Coordinator -- Michael Haney

President, Huntsville Campus  -- Katie McCarley
Vice-President, Huntsville Campus -- Jaden Bush
Secretary, Huntsville Campus -- Summer Cornelison
Huntsville Campus Coordinator -- James Rivette

The purpose of this Student Government Association Constitution is to provide a fair and just system of representation for every student at Calhoun Community College so that, through this representation, a direct line of communication will always be open from each student to Student Government officers and personnel, as well as from those officers and personnel to staff, faculty, and administration.  These open lines of communication will foster a high degree of service to students and employees, as well as stimulate appreciation of the privileges and responsibilities of citizenship in a democratic society.

Contact Information:

Kelly Hovater
Student Activities Facilitator
(256) 306-2640
Chasteen Student Center
Decatur Campus