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Welcome to the Emergency Medical Services Program at Calhoun Community College.  We hope that this page can serve as a source of information for our students as well as others in the EMS community.


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Background Check and Drug Screening

Background Check and Drug Screening
Background Check and Drug Screening
Do NOT start the Background and Drug Screen process by clicking the appropriate link above until instructed by one of the EMS faculty.

Tutorial for completing Background Check& Drug Screening


EMS Certification Levels offered by the Calhoun EMS Department


Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) courses are offered EVERY semester.  Class options exist for either daytime or evening classes.  EMT is the first level of EMS licensure.  Successful completion of EMS 118 and EMS 119 are required for EMT program completion.  EMT is considered a short certificate.  Students may enroll in this program without meeting with an EMS faculty member or college advisor.


starAdvanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) courses are offered every semester.  Class options exist for either daytime or evening classes in the fall and spring semester but only the daytime for summer semester.  AEMT is the second level of EMS licensure.  Successful completion of EMS 155 and EMS 156 are required for AEMT program completion.  The AEMT has an extended scope of practice over the EMT.  AEMT is considered a short certificate, but students are required to meet with an EMS faculty member prior to course registration.  Alabama EMT license required PRIOR to course admissions.

starParamedic (NRP) course begin every summer semester.  Calhoun Community Colleges offers either a long certificate or Associates of Applied Science degree options for Paramedics.  The program is three semesters long and students are required to complete BIO 201 PRIOR to admission into the program.  The Paramedic Program Application (see below) should be printed and completed in its entirety and returned with all requested documents to the Allied Health Department secretary no later than April 1st for admission in the summer semester.  AEMT licensure required PRIOR to course admission.  Other general education courses are required prior to course completion. 

 Paramedic Program Application 

Due April 1, 2014 by 3:00 PM for class starting Summer 2014
Please click on the above link to access the application. Either return via mail to the address published on the application or in person to the Administration Desk on the third floor of the Health Science Building.  The application should be printed and returned in its entirety by the posted deadline.  Please review your application prior to submission to the EMS office to ensure all requested attachments are with the application.  Individuals will be notified within two weeks of the application deadline by mail of acceptance into the program.  Please call Mark Branon at 256-306-2854 with questions.

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    If you have questions or comments about Calhoun's EMS Program,
    Contact Mark Branon
    Phone: (256) 306-2854