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About the Program

The Associate of Applied Science degree in Applied Technology with a Major in Automation will prepare graduates for entry-level employment in industrial automation. Concepts covered in the major include electronics for electricians, programmable logic controllers, digital fundamentals, interfacing microcomputers to electro-mechanical devices, and flexible manufacturing cells.

Automation/robotics technicians build, install, and maintain automated machinery and equipment. Automated equipment is “smart” and handles tasks, such as shutting off lights or triggering an alarm, through computerized systems. It is designed to reduce energy costs for business and industry and to improve quality of life for individuals. Between 2002 and 2012, employment of robotics technicians is expected to increase at an average pace. The electronics industry offers the most promise for new growth. As the technology continues to advance, new markets will open up and create new opportunities for automation/robotics technicians. Opportunities will be best for those who can troubleshoot, maintain, and repair the highest quality equipment, as well as those who have the best electronic and computer skills. The typical base salary range for an Automation Technician is $31,200 - $52,000. Base salary does not include overtime or benefits.