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Aerospace Technology

The Future of Space is Here! Become a SpaceTEC Certified Aerospace Technician!

About the Program

The Associate Degree in Aerospace Technology prepares graduates for employment in aerospace and related industries through classroom and laboratory instruction in propulsion structures and assembly. Graduates are prepared to work in a team- centered environment with demanding quality and safety standards. This program also provides enhancement training for individuals seeking skill advancement in their current positions. Through a partnership with Athens State University, graduates may also choose to pursue a baccalaureate degree in Applied Technology or in other appropriate academic areas.

Calhoun Community College is a member institution of SpaceTEC®, a national community college consortium funded by a National Science Foundation grant. The mission of SpaceTEC® is to create and implement an industry-driven, government-endorsed, technical education process for aerospace technicians. SaceTEC® and its industry partners offer programs that prepare aerospace technicians to become Certified AerospaceTechnicians™. Upon successful completion of the certification, the candidate can articulate 19 credit hours to an AAS in AerospaceTechnology  When industry speaks, we listen!

Calhoun is currently restructuring the Aerospace Technology program to provide more multi-specialty skills in the common core curriculum as well as enhancing and reducing the number of specialty option courses. The general education requirements essentially remain the same.

The program employs hands-on training to assist students in acquiring the knowledge and confidence necessary to work in such a challenging field. One special way for students to gain experience is to work within the actual space environment. Although Calhoun does not build rockets, the Aerospace Training Center High Bay on the Main Campus at Decatur simulates a typical manufacturing environment in which the student may experiment and learn on state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment.

Degree Options

Calhoun offers an Applied Technology Degree with a concentration in Welding or Structures and Assembly or a Certificate degree.

The SpaceTEC® Connection

Since SpaceTEC®’s inception in 2002, Calhoun has been a proud partner in the SpaceTEC® consortium of colleges and universities.  Industry incumbents that met SpaceTEC qualifications can articulate 19 credit hours towards an associate of science degree in Aerospace Technology upon successfully passing the Core Exam.

Career Opportunities in the Field

Nationwide there is a great demand for aerospace technicians. Large numbers of senior technicians will soon be retiring taking with them vast amounts knowledge, skills and experience which cannot be easily duplicated. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 26% to 32 % of the current aerospace technician workforce will be retiring in the next six years. NASA director, Sean O'Keefe could only find 62 out of a workforce of 3000 under the age of 30.

There is need for entry- level technical specialists in Aerospace Machining and Fabrication, Aerospace Welding and Coatings, Aerospace Structures and Assembly, and Aerospace Electronics. North Alabama is particularly focused on Aerospace Industry and the need for related skills and training. The high-tech career opportunities in Aerospace are on the leading edge of technology for the new millennium.

One exciting aspect of the future is that astronaut technicians may be employed to perform the routine servicing and repair of space hardware when the international space station is completed.

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