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Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

Microsoft ® Office Specialist certification is the globally recognized standard for demonstrating desktop skills with the Microsoft ® Office suite of business productivity applications.
  • The Microsoft Office Specialist program is the ONLY Microsoft approved certification program designed to measure and validate users' skills with the Microsoft ® Office suite of desktop productivity applications (Word®, Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft PowerPoint®, Microsoft Access® and Microsoft Outlook®).
  • Microsoft Office Specialist certification has provided thousands of people with the proof that they are able to more fully utilize the functionality of Microsoft ® Office applications and increase their productivity.
  • More than 1500 testing centers around the world deliver Microsoft Office Specialist exams in many languages.
  • Major corporations report gains in productivity attributable to Microsoft Office Specialist certification. More and more companies will specifically request Microsoft Office Specialist certified job applicants.


Students can prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist exam by enrolling in the appropriate Computer and Office Information Systems courses listed below.  All textbooks and materials are Microsoft Office Specialist approved.

Completion of all seven courses in addition to ORI 101, online and/or traditional classroom setting, entitles a student to a Calhoun Software Applications certificate.
  • CIS 197A -- Outlook
  • CIS 111 -- Word Processing Software Application s
  • CIS 197V -- Word (Expert)
  • CIS 117 -- Database Management Software Applications
  • CIS 113 - Spreadsheet Software Applications
  • CIS 197Y -- Excel (Expert)
  • CIS 115 -- Presentation Graphics Software Applications

In addition to the classes listed above, the following courses also provide training focusing on Microsoft Office Specialist objectives,

  • CIS 146 -- Microcomputer Applications
  • CIS 147 -- Advanced Microcomputer Applications

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