Programs of Study


Opportunities in accounting are expanding.  With the increasing population, the industrial development, and growth in large and small businesses in North Alabama, the need for competent accountants is rapidly becoming more intense.  

The Accounting curriculum is designed to help students take advantage of these employment opportunities. Students are given training in accounting theories and skills necessary for entry into the accounting profession.

The Accounting curriculum aims to develop the following competencies:
  • Understanding the principles of organization and management in business operations;
  • Ability to practice accounting, including income tax;
  • Knowledge in specific elements of business law, economics, and information systems;
  • Knowledge of human relations as they apply to successful business operations in a rapidly expanding economy; and
  • Understanding and skill in effective communication for business.
Degree Options

Calhoun offers an Associate of Science degree as well as an Associate in Applied Science Degree. 

Career Opportunities

Graduates in accounting may qualify for any of the following positions: accounting/payroll clerk, ledger accountant, and junior auditor. This training, plus further work experience, should prepare students to become office managers, accounting supervisors, and to fill other positions in business. Job opportunities also are available in federal, state, and local government.
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