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Your MyCalhoun Portal is your one place for everything Calhoun.  If this is your first time logging in on the new portal, please read the FAQs and/or watch the videos first.

Login to the Portal now!

Be sure to look for the MyCalhoun icon throughout portions of the site for a direct login.  Here you will have access to Blackboard, email, campus news, the campus calendar, as well as register for classes, get your grades/transcripts & more.

Class Schedules

Click on the schedules icon throughout portions of the site.

FAQ's & Videos

Get answers about MyCalhoun Portal or watch demonstration videos.

Apply for Admission

Click the link above or press the Apply Now button above.  Here you can enter a new application or return to complete an application.

Registration Steps

A step by step guide for registering in MyCalhoun.


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