Reinstatements to Student Status

A student who is out of status can apply for reinstatement to student status if the student:

  1. Has not been out-of-status for more than five (5) months or demonstrates that failure to file within the 5-months period was the result of exceptional circumstances.
  2. Does not have a record of repeated or willful violations of Service regulation
  3. Has not engaged in unauthorized employment
  4. Is not deportable on any grounds
  5. Shows that the violation resulted from circumstances beyond the student’s control such as serious injury or illness, closure of the institution, a natural disaster, or inadvertence, oversight on the part of the International Student Advisor.
  6. Status violation is for reduced course load, which the International Student Advisor could have authorized and reinstatement denial would result in extreme hardship for student. Consult with your International Student Advisor for proper Reinstatement Procedures.