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Student Affairs Office

Statement of Purpose

Providing effective student services is an enormous challenge which the professionals in the Division of Student Affairs at Calhoun Community College take seriously. The division is composed of seven departments with more than 40 staff members. The purpose of the Student Affairs Division is to enhance student success by providing students with quality services that are fair, efficient, and delivered in a manner consistent with meeting the needs of students and constituents.

Meet the Staff of the Student Affairs Office

Mission Statement

The fundamental mission of Student Affairs is to demonstrate a strong commitment to student success by providing a learning environment in which individuals from varied backgrounds with diverse goals and needs are afforded both the conditions and opportunities for student success -- not as an aside from curricula instruction, but in partnership with it, not as a supplement, but as a complement.

The belief of each member of the Student Affairs staff at Calhoun Community College is that all people should have the opportunity to reach their maximum potential. Dedicated to this belief, and in support of the educational mission of the institution, are the functions which comprise the Student Affairs Division. Based on its philosophy, role, and mission statements, the following list reflects the various responsibilities of the Student Affairs unit at Calhoun Community College: