There’s Now an App for That at Calhoun Community College


For those waiting to see if Calhoun Community College “has an app for that”, the wait is now over.

Today, Calhoun officials announced the college’s official launch of the Calhoun Community College app.  The app is free to download and is now available by searching your app store or clicking on the link on Calhoun’s website.

“We are extremely excited to announce this launch of our new mobile app,” commented Calhoun President Marilyn Beck.  “In the world of rapidly changing technology, we realized that is was imperative that we provide this avenue for our students to immediately access resources and information important to them.  While our new app delivers the latest information to our students, if also offers another means for the community to stay connected and informed about the college from anywhere they are by using their mobile devices,” Beck added.

The new Calhoun app includes information on courses (through a PDF and interactive version of the class schedule), campus directories, events, current news, interactive maps and more.  Students will also receive notifications for emergencies, school closings and other important announcements via the app.

“We are excited to now be among the growing number of colleges, and universities around the country entering the mobile app world,” Beck said.  “We hope our students and our communities find the information helpful, and we welcome their feedback on suggestions for additional items which may be added in the future.”

For more information on Calhoun’s new mobile app, visit the Mobile App page.

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