Calhoun Community College Receives $5,000 from 3M for Technology Scholarships


Calhoun Community College has received $5,000 from 3M to fund scholarships at the college.  According to Dr. Debi Hendershot, Calhoun’s dean for planning, research and grants, the college will use the funds specifically to provide scholarships for technology students.  “3M continues to be a very valuable and supportive corporate partner for Calhoun,” commented Hendershot.  “This very generous contribution to the college will provide scholarship  dollars to some very deserving students as they receive training which will lead to a productive career,” Hendershot said.

According to the 3M website, the company invests primarily in technical, engineering and business schools, and efforts that further teaching and learning. “Our grants make a difference for students and their success through support of new curriculum, scholarship and retention programs. Our goal is to help students prepare for future opportunities in an ever-changing world.”  3M’s College and University Giving Emphasis includes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and Business education and retention and graduation, especially students from underrepresented groups, the website noted.

For more information about the scholarship or technology programs at the college, please visit the Calhoun website at or call 256-306-2500.

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